About Us

Human Orient Solutions is a fully black female owned organization started in 2006, which specializes in providing HR infrastructure, recruitment and selection to various clients. 

Our company is made up of specialists and auditors who specialize in the HR field, as well as consultants who specialize in recruitment and selection processes. This means that our interest is primarily based on developing and maintaining HR infrastructure and headhunting candidates that will add value to your organization.
Human Orient Solutions added an E-Business Website to it’s services after a thorough analysis on it’s client’s changing recruitment needs. This website comprises of recruitment & selection, tendering and advertising services online. The aim is for businesses to find the right suppliers, candidates and make use of the website as it’s marketing tool by advertising it’s products and services in order to meet their organizational goals. 

E – Recruitment:

The recruitment department deals with recruitment requirements of the clients and make sure that the recruitment database if filled with candidates that are relevant for our clients. The recruitment consultants visits it’s clients that have signed for the recruitment service to establish the possible future vacancies in order for the right candidates to be headhunted on time and loaded on the website. 

E- Tendering:

The tendering department liase with clients and collect the available tenders to load them on the website and sent to the relevant suppliers. 


The advertising department advertises and market the website to candidates, suppliers, clients, and one of it’s main roles is to avail an advertising space on the website for clients who wish to advertise. A weekly newsletter is also sent out to our email list database that provides an update on the new vacancies, tenders, products and services. This enables a high number of our database to view the website on a regular basis.

Human Resource Consulting:

HOS offers a wide range of human resource consulting services. HOS does not only work with it’s team but also with other independent labour experts and attorneys in south Africa in order to offer a high quality service to it’s clients at minimal costs.
Training and Development:
We empower and educate the South African government, private companies and other organizations with business intelligence information through conferencing, workshops and trainings. All our training events are well researched and our team keeps in touch with the industry trends and business requirements